The Story Teller Foundation

On January 14th of 2019

on his quest of making a commercial in Nigeria, one of the youngest and brightest lights tragically passed away. 

One of SJ’s greatest passions was to find and nurture young talent - giving them tools and opportunities to tell their stories, in hopes of reaching global recognition and opportunities. 

SJ was a clear depiction of how no matter where you come from and whatever demons you may encounter  - you can rise above it all and make what can often feel impossible, POSSIBLE. 

Lourens and Nina Van Rensburg made a promise to SJ - to keep his passion and dream of nurturing young talent, alive. 

To keep this initiative alive, the Storyteller Foundation was birthed - given life through a letter SJ wrote to his younger self at the age of 24. The idea? to make this letter a true reality through this script. The visuals were made in partnership with 99cents - a compilation of all the beautiful works of films, commercials and short stories SJ ever created. Making this, his last offering, the last piece he ever wrote and directed, himself. 

The Storyteller Foundation is aimed at finding young story tellers in South Africa, who come from previously disadvantaged backgrounds. The main objective being to nurture their talents and give them the opportunity to compete and succeed at the highest levels, both locally and internationally, in honour of SJ’s legacy.

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